Monday, August 15, 2022

Rona Goes to Hungary

 Lot of time to cover. On Thursday we first, went back to Kunszentmiklos, because there
were some important graves that we couldn’t see on the pictures. I remembered the
hiking boots this time, And I brought extra water and the brush, so we did get that
finished up.

I realized after we left, here we are going to places, but not finding out if there are
records somewhere, or a library-OK, maybe I’m thinking like an American. But If this
is where his family is from, then what was their life like? what type of work did they
do? Why did they travel from one town to another? How did they meet each other?

Then we went to Kalosca-a quaint town with a small cemetery literally on the side of the road, next to a house. No fence around, and we were able to find some of his relatives there pretty quickly. On the way into town we saw what we have names “Hungarian Gothic” on the side of the road. I told Yisroel I wanted to get pictures on our way back, so he stopped. As I was snapping their pictures I saw a sign with an arrow pointing down a long road. It seemed to be for a tourist attraction, so we took a quick drive.

Apparently it’s a farm where they do a re-enactment of something, I haven’t figures out yet. But they have Lipizzaner horses, as well as horses for carriage rides, and some other stuff.

They had just finished one presentation, and the next was not for 4 hours. So I looked in the
barn, all the horses were eating, but I got pictures of their back sides (Hi Linda), and there
was a mom and foal in a field that I pet for a while.

They had a stand with all kinds of souvenirs, I bought a container of spicy Paprika .

It’s still fairly early, so we stopped at the cemetery in Apostag, just to know where it was for
Sunday. We took a quick look around and realized Yisroel was correct to allow 2 days to
look there. A lot of graves, very old, and worn.

Side note I tried doing a relief on one grave to see if that would help us read what is on the
grave stone. It was still really hard to figure out.

So back to the apartment, I found a small grocery store to get I got rice, and a few other
things as our luggage still had not arrived!

Yisroel is doing a lot of work, matching names, dates, people, trying to locate documements
that match what we are finding. And this is where all the emails to find our luggage fits in
the time line.

So Friday morning we went to Perkita, also a small cemetery in an open field, fairly well
cared for. We found a few people we were looking for, and hoped the connection would be
in Apostag.

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