Sunday, December 18, 2016

Trip Notes

I am in the midst of a very brief personal trip to the US. Some notes.

** The flight from Israel had a stopover in a major European airport where, despite regular security, they do additional interviews at the gate. So I'm waiting in line for my security intervew and the gate agent on my right says to the couple she was talking to "Can you spell that for me?"

And the woman spells out their name "K-L-x-x-x."

And I say "You're from Podkamen." and she says "How did you know that."

So I say "All the KLxxxs are from Podkamen." And she says "Yes, but how did you know that."

And I say "I'm a genealogist. And besides, some of my family lived in Zalosce - the next town over." Now the husband gets involved and he says "Some of our family also lived in Zalosce."

So feeling I was on a winning streak, I say to the man "Your name is probably Pinchas." And he says "Yes it is, but how did you know?" And I say "All the KLxxxs are named Pinchas."

** I have mentioned my four sisters often in the context of our DNA tests. I also have a brother, whom I saw last week. I am pleased to report that two vials with his DNA are on their way to Houston.

I would not be surprised to find that he has segments that the rest of us don't, but I will be truly surprised if something significant shows up. Of course, we cannot know what may come of any specific DNA test until we have the results in hand.

** The call for papers for the 37th IAJGS Conference on Jewish Genealogy came out a few days ago. The Conference is planned for 23-28 July in Orlando Florida. I will probably submit proposals for the three presentations I made last year,plus the new "Uncle Selig" that I described here a few weeks ago.

** Anyone who is interested in a program in mid-July, especially in southern United States, please let me know. For that matter,we can also talk about late April early May 2018 when I expect to be in the US for my grandson's bar mitzvah.

** And there are still some speaking dates available in the US at the end of January. Let me know if you are interested.

** The FTDNA sale continues, with reduced prices and coupons.
I can offer six coupons for $5 on Family Finder, in addition to coupons for BigY ($75), Y-DNA ($20), Y-67 ($40) and Full MtDNA ($40) . Send me an email or a Facebook PM, if you want any of these.

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