Saturday, January 21, 2012


First there is this one:

A presentation in Hebrew by Israel Pickholtz
and the Israel Genealogical Society Jerusalem Branch
(IGS charges NIS 20 for non-members.)

What do you do when the hard proofs just aren't there,
but you are as sure as you can be what they would say if you could find them?
If you fold your hands and wait, you may never get anywhere with your research, but if you
accept your suppositions as fact, they may never be questioned again.
Not by you nor by your research heirs.
This presentation will use examples from the east Galician single-surname
Pikholz Project to consider when what you know
is beyond a reasonable doubt and if that is indeed good enough.
This lecture was presented in English at the 31st IAJGS Conference on Jewish Genealogy in Washington DC

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Then on 21 February, I am speaking in English to a senior citizens group in Maale Adummim.  It's a general presentation, not for people with genealogy experience.  No idea who is allowed to come.  I am calling it
and it will consist of anecdotes from my research. It is at 10:15 in the morning at the Pnai Shmuel Synagogue in Mitzpeh Nevo.
I did this kind of thing a year or so ago at AACI in Jerusalem.  It was well-received and quite a few people asked for my card, but I got no actual business.

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