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New Rozdol Births 1906-1915

According to Yad Vashem's Pinkas Kehillot, there were 2262 Jews in Rozdol in 1900, 2110 in 1910 and 1725 in 1921. In all three of those years, the Jews were just under half the town's population. The population was decreasing but Jewish babies were still being born. According to JRI-Poland, 997 of them in the years 1906-1915. Thirty-eight have at least one parent named Pikholz, though that spelling was gone - replaced by "Pickholz."
Of the thirty-eight, twelve are people I already have in my database, usually with birth dates and house numbers. Sometimes the birth years are not the same as what their relatives remembered in my interviews with them or in Pages of Testimony.

Parents of seventeen others are known from previous births and I simply have to add these new ones. The Excel file has the house numbers, the parents' names and towns of origin. It does not have birth dates other than the years or maternal grandparents' names and there is no indication if the child died while young. Those seventeen births were to ten sets of parents.

One birth is to a couple whose identity is unclear because we have several of them, but the actual birth record, when it becomes available, should give us the maternal grandparents' names, thus solving that question.

The remaining eight births are to couples I cannot yet identify.
  • Three births to Markus Ber Gross or Grossman and Szerka Pickholz.
  • One birth to Samuel Leuter and Rechel Pickholz.
  • One birth to Symon Harzstark and Rechel Pickholz, both of of Mikolayev.
  • Two births to Aron Schymin Morgenstern or Morganthau and Syma Pickholz, both of Mikolayev.
  •  One birth to Tobias Pickholz and Marjem Kleingesich.
The maternal grandparents' names on the actual records should help, at least for the four couples where the Pickholz is the mother.

There are also four births to Benzion Bender or Bander and Selda Pickholz or Pistohl, both of Mikolayev. I don't know if this is ours or not. (There seem to be a lot of Mikolayev births here. Very possibly the mothers are sisters. But there are also a lot of non-Pikholz Mikolayev births.)

I have noted some additional records which may be ours. As we move further from the original families, we have more married daughters' names to keep track of. I can no longer do a straight "sounds like Pikholz" search and assume everyone is covered. I'll deal with this when we see the actual records linked online.

I'm still hoping to see post-1901 Rozdol deaths.

Housekeeping notes
For the first time, I am actually thinking about checking into the conference hotel Friday.
Dates and times for the 37th IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy have been published. Here are mine.

 –   Monday 24 July 9:45-11:00, Room Swan 9  
Beyond a Doubt: What We Know vs. What We Can Prove
–   Monday 24 July 2:00-3:15, Room Osprey 2
Lessons in Jewish DNA – One Man’s Successes and What He Learned On the Journey
Tuesday 25 July 2:00-3:15, Room Osprey 2’s Lazarus Tool As It Applies to Two Kinds of Endogamy
–    Wednesday 26 July 8:15-9:30, Room Swan 8
Why Did My Father Know That His Grandfather Had An Uncle Selig?

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