Sunday, August 14, 2022

More on Slovakia from Rona

 So Yisroel’s idea of a nice place to stay, and mine are totally different!. Where he
thought Slovakia was not to his liking, I thought it was beautiful, quaint, quiet. It was
the first time I’ve seen stars in the sky in a long time, even with a bright half moon.
The moon was off on the right, and there was a super bright star out on my left.. It
wasn’t like the stars at the Grand Canyon, but definitely beautiful.

We pack up in the morning and we’re off. Yisroel almost didn’t want to stop at the
cemetery since neither of the people who were supposed to meet us could make it,
but I knew this was our last chance, and we had come so far! See the previous post
about my sneaking into the cemetery. I asked Yisroel to come to the gate to point
out where the graves he was interested in were, but he just wanted to get going.
Most of the stones were in really bad shape, so I didn’t feel I could start trying to get
down on the ground to read them. I took a few pictures. Then today, Thursday I
saw some pictures he took 5 years ago, and I was right next to that area!

So now we are on our way back to Hungary to the AirBNB, pleasant enough drive.

On our way into Slovakia we apparently drove through a town that had a sign for a
historic synagogue. I thought that would be nice, so we stopped there. It was
locked, I walked around but could not fine a way in. I got a few pictures, and looked
it up on the internet. I even asked a few people if they knew anything about it, but
they looked at me like they had never noticed it before.

Yisroel thought he found a cemetery in the town, but it was just an empty field. With
a high metal wall around it.

Continued on to Hungary, planning to stop at the Kosher grocery store. Pretty
uneventful the next 3-4 hours.

We got to the store, found parking nearby, which apparently is not very common.
Bought a few things to tide us over till our bags arrive with our food. Well here we
are almost 48 hours after getting a notice our bags made it to the airport, and still
waiting. I found phone numbers for the lost and found at the airport, but it kept
saying busy, please call back.

So I searched on line and found the baggage company’s website so I called the lost
and found dept, and they bounced me around, then just stopped answering my calls.
So I sent very polite mails, first to the lost and found dept. Then I looked further and
found the customer service dept., and sent emails 2 more people there. I got a return
email within 5 minutes, so I wrote her back saying we would be willing to come to the
airport to get our bags, but alas they were already on the delivery truck, which can
take 2-3 days since we are not in Budapest proper! Thursday night and we are still

Later I got a response from the delivery company that they are being delivered as
soon as possible. I’m hoping since I contacted them it helps, and they don’t just
push our bags to the end of the list again.

Back up to yesterday, Wednesday-We went to Kunsentmiklos. I put out my hiking
boots to bring, my feet needed air, and of course left them in the apt. I’m sure you’ve
seen the pictures from Yisroel, so I’m walking around on these thorny brambles, in
sandals. Don’t worry, I’m tough!!! We got a lot of pictures, but we didn’t bring
enough towels and water to really clean stones, so they could be read.

This is a video as we were leaving the Inn we stayed at in Slovakia. Imagine driving
through here in pitch dark!

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